Fiddle yard controller fy_2

Some summarizing word about it:

  • Controls (with my circuit) up to eight rails
  • Direct DCC support, “Multiport” setup (
  • Position control solved with some kind of “P” controller
  • Position setup could be done with the implemented loco decoder mode or direct by changing CVs, for details please have a look at the header of fy_2.ino
  • Switching between the rail sensors possible (, “Shared sensors”)


The source code is available at:

And the schematics:



Don not forget to load the Arduino Duemilanove bootloader onto your microcontroller otherwise the serial upload and debug will not work!

ServoGold V2


I got a Faller crane without motors build in. This was not acceptable so I build in some.

Please have a look at the pictures:


…and a video:


The source code is available at:

http://bazaar.launch … /arduino/ServoGold_2

I used “Chinese” gear motors and cheap potentiometers with an angle of 360° because I have not found any servo motor that’s rotational speed is useable for my needs -> it seems that the industry has no interest on it…
The hot glue is optional you could also use thin metal plates for fixing the motor onto the ground plate and the potentiometer onto the motor….

Software features:

-Movement training program, 3 lists with each 16 entries
-Manual movement
-Every horizontal movement includes a regulated vertical movement
-CV support

Steam switch

I have bought the wrong Seuthe steam generators (Seuthe 12) for my model railroad because I have no too less supply voltage for them. So I developed a simple circuit switching both half waves from the rail supply to the steam generator. For now on they work very well with a voltage of 22 Volts supplied to the circuit.

Photos (some changes made, have a look at the circuit!):

http://bazaar.launch … 08-04%2020.36.22.jpg
http://bazaar.launch … 08-04%2020.36.31.jpg


http://bazaar.launch … generator_switch.png
(I used Schottky diodes because of the smaller Von, and a smaller Rv for the optocoupler)
->The standard NPN could be replaced by a NMOSFET if you need more voltage on the steam generator…


http://www.tuxstef.o … 3-08-07-18-48-32.mp4

Have fun